Owners of Manifest Your Dreams with their son

Our Inspiration

This brand was inspired by my first-born child Cainan Luke. Cainan is what we call our miracle child. My husband and I always dreamed of having a child, not knowing that we would have to go through so much, for so many years, to achieve this dream. We were at the point where we were on the brink of giving up but then we looked into the process of having a child by in-vitro fertilization. This process really opened our eyes to the possibilities of conceiving a child and realizing our dreams. This seemed like a miracle procedure for us but the price tag was also an issue that we had to get past. We then had to overcome this next hurdle in order to make our dream a reality.

The price tag for the procedure was daunting and we could have easily given up and got discouraged, but we remained positive and believed that our dream was still possible. We began applying for grants and were denied by a few, but our last attempt was with The Bundle of Joy by Samantha and Kyle Busch, where we finally received a grant to finance the procedure after many attempts elsewhere. Finally, we could conceive a child. Not only were we blessed to conceive but this blessing was the manifestation of 6 long years of praying and consistently overcoming hurdles and not once getting discouraged or stopping after we had failed; we persevered. It comes to show that no matter the circumstances, you can always make your dreams come true through prayer, taking action, and never giving up.

Our Mission

This brand is for the person who is ambitious, inspired, motivated, and willing to put the work in to accomplish their goals. This brand is for the person who understands that you can speak your reality into existence. This brand is for the dreamer who is dedicated and committed to fulfilling their purpose. This brand is for the winner who has embraced their losses on their journey and overcame all obstacles. We wanted to create an apparel brand that when you wear it you feel confident, and ready to achieve every goal you set out to accomplish, all while looking good. This brand was created to inspire everyone to Manifest Your Dreams!